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Kasastore di Marco Brusadin (t/a Kasastore) is a company registered in Italy.  Our registered office address is Via Stella 3 - 33080 Prata di Pordenone (PN) Italy.
This page is designed to provide you with information about how we use the information that you provide to us during any communication (for example telephone) and via website or mobile app.
We may change our privacy policy from time to time.  This policy was last updated on 24 January 2023 and is version 2.0.

Your Information and Why We Process It
We only collect, keep, use or share your information for genuine business purposes, when you’ve approved us to do so, or when we’re obliged to legally. There are a few reasons why we use your personal details:

1. if you contact us with an enquiry either by telephone, email or live chat;
2. to process any order that you place on our website and arrange for its delivery;
3. to maintain any registered accounts you have with us;
4. to make our website accessible to you with informative content tailored to your needs including serving you with any pop-up messages and voucher codes;
5. if you have purchased a product from us we may contact you from time to time, by SMS, email or telephone regarding our latest promotional offers, products and services that we think you may be interested in;
6. if you use our app we store your data locally on your device in various file formats including cookies
7. promoting and advertising (including personalisation) of our products and services both on our website and elsewhere on the internet
8. promoting and advertising our products and services to you via email, SMS and post;
9. to train our employees to ensure that we are providing the best possible service;
10. when you provide a review on our website;
11. matching and aggregating your personal data for analysis and to provide you with a more personalised experience;
12. to analyse any problems with our website and improve its performance;
13. when you engage with us on any social media platform
14. we also use personal details to contact you regarding our services and products and if we need to verify your identity;
15. for research, analysis, testing, monitoring, risk management and administration purposes; and
16. for crime or fraud prevention purposes.

Basics For Processing
For Kasastore to be allowed to process your personal data, we must have a legal basis for the processing. The data protection legislation sets out what these bases are. We have described below the different bases that we rely on and provided examples of the processing.
There are some contractual reasons why we have to process your personal data. When you buy a product on our website, it creates a contract between us. We need to process the personal data that you provide in order to fulfil our part of the contract. If you do not provide your details we won’t be able to complete your order.
Sometimes we are required to process the personal data that we hold about you for legal reasons - for example, if there is a product recall.
Legitimate Interests
We also rely on being able to process your personal data on the basis that it is in our legitimate interests. When we do this, we will always consider your interests and balance any positive or negative impact relating to such processing and your legal rights relating to data protection. The legitimate interests of Kasastore do not automatically override your interests.
If you do not want us to process any of the personal data we have listed as being processed for legitimate purposes, you have the right to object. For more information see the section below relating to your rights. Please note that if you object we may still continue to process your personal data in certain circumstances. Please also remember that if we can’t process your personal data for these purposes your customer experience may not be as enjoyable.
Our legitimate interests include:
• analysing and understanding your customer journey and behaviour to improve efficiencies and interaction
• sending you email or SMS marketing messages, if you have previously bought something from us
• calling you to discuss your delivery and any other services that we would like to offer you
• promoting and advertising our products and services both on our website and elsewhere on the internet
• analysing our website’s performance and solving any problems
• staff training
• personalisation of your shopping experience
In some cases, we will ask whether you would like us to process your personal data. For example, if you would like us to notify you when an out of stock item becomes available. If you provide us with consent, you may withdraw it at any time by contacting us.

When We'll Contact You
We may contact you by telephone shortly after your purchase to discuss your delivery and make sure that it all goes smoothly for you. We may also offer you other services which relate to the products that you have purchased. If you do not wish to receive these calls, please contact us by phone, email or post.
We like to be able to keep you up to date with news, offers and promotions, but you can opt out of receiving email and text messages from us at any time..
If you have asked us to notify you when an out of stock item becomes available, the email will not have an unsubscribe link in it as it is a single email notification. Unsubscribing from marketing will not affect your ability to receive an out of stock notification.

When You Contact Us
If you get in touch by email or live chat to ask a question about your order or our services, we’ll keep a record of your emails and our responses. This helps us to resolve any problems, and to answer your query quickly and easily if you need to get in touch again. It also helps us to check our advisors have all the training they need to give you the best possible help. Your telephone calls to Kasastore may also be recorded for training and regulatory purposes.

Information We'll Share
We share your information in very limited circumstances set out below:
• where we’re obliged to do so (for example a legal request),
• when we need to work with a third party or core service provider, for example a delivery service or IT service provider. Each provider is carefully selected, and we’d only pass on the information required for them to perform that service on our behalf. They cannot use your data for any other purpose;
• with companies who may provide us with services.
We’ll never sell your information. We’ll always comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all other relevant legislation.
We use third party payment service providers which are integrated into our website. When you pay using one of these methods i.e. Paypal, Skrill, Stripe you are redirected to the providers portal. Your use of these services are subject to the terms and conditions of the payment providers.

Transfers To Third Countries may transfer your personal data outside of the European Economic Area. This will only be as a result of our service providers being based outside of this area. We will always ensure that such providers are in a country that has been assessed to provide adequate protection to personal data by the European Commission, or if the service provider signs a contract with us which contains the relevant protections for you.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?
We will only keep your personal data for as long as it remains necessary in line with the reason that we collected it from you and to meet any legal requirements (such as resolving a dispute). The time that the personal data is kept for is called the retention period. We retain your personal data relating to the purchase of your products for a period of 10 years after your purchase. This is in line with certain product liability provisions under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.
If you call or message our contact centre with an enquiry (but do not place an order) we will keep your personal data for one month.
If you ask us to notify you about an out of stock item, we will do so if it becomes available within one month of your request.
If you receive marketing emails and SMS from us and have not unsubscribed from these messages we will continue to process your personal data for this purpose for a maximum period of four years. You may ask us to stop processing for this purpose at any time.

Your Rights
You have a set of legal rights in relation to your personal data. These rights are to ensure that you are in control of how your personal data is used by organisations. We have provided a summary of your rights below:
• You have the right to know what personal data we store that relates to you (also known as a subject access request);
• If any personal data is not correct (for example it is old information), you have the right for it to be corrected;
• You have the right to tell us to stop using your personal data for the purpose of sending you direct marketing;
• You have the right to tell us you no longer consent to any processing, which was based on you giving consent;
• You have the right to ask us to no longer process your information on the basis of our legitimate interests. We will stop processing your personal data unless there is a legitimate reason that does not prejudice you.
• You have the right to ask us to erase your personal data where the personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it is collected. The right to erasure is not an absolute right.
• You have the right to ask for an individual to review any decision made using an automated process.
If you would like to exercise any of your rights, please contact us at
If you ask us to no longer send you any marketing (by email or SMS) please allow 48 hours for your request to be processe

Creating An Account With Kasastore
Creating an account with Kasastore gives you the ability to check out more quickly by allowing us to remember your delivery address, so you don’t have to re-enter those details every time. You can save a number of addresses, along with your contact telephone numbers.
We do our part in protecting your account by strongly hashing your password using modern ciphers and cryptographic patterns. Our staff have no way of accessing your password.
In addition, your card details will never be sent, or stored on our platforms. Instead, your details are managed and protected by a dedicated E-commerce credit card payment management company.
It’s important that you also take responsibility for protecting your account information. Make sure your password is suitably complex, don’t share it with others, and try not to use the same one for lots of online accounts. Never send your password by email – we’ll never ask you to do so. We won’t ask you for your password information over the phone; but we can advise you on how to reset it.
It’s a good idea to reset online passwords occasionally. If you think anyone has accessed your account information without your approval, contact us to let us know.

Contacting Us
We’re always looking for new ways to improve your shopping experience with us, that’s why we love hearing from you. If you have any questions about how we use your personal data or if you’d like to amend or stop us from processing your data, please contact us. You can get in touch by giving our friendly contact centre a call on +39 02 40741056 or you can write to us at our registered office address Via Stella 3 - 33080 Prata di Pordenone (PN) Italy.

Privacy and Security
At, everything we do revolves around our devotion to happiness and amazing customer service, and our site is designed to make your experience as easy and personal as possible.
To achieve this we may need some personal information from you, but it’s important you feel confident and secure. This privacy summary explains when we might ask you for information, how we’ll use it, and all of the security measures we have in place.
Your privacy is important to us which is why we’ve ensured every part of our site uses secure connections. Look for the green padlock in the address bar and the letters ‘https’, as these should always be present when browsing our site.
We only take orders through web browsers that allow communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. There’s no way you can order through an unsecured connection.
Cookies are small text files used to transfer information. Site functionality cookies allow you to navigate the site and use our features. When you return to the site we’ll be able to remember the products you’ve compared or added to your basket.
Cookies also enable us to show adverts relevant to you when you’re browsing online, for example deals or products you’ve looked at.
Analytics cookies help us to learn where we’re going wrong, and which elements of the site you find easier to use. We’ll track the volume of people on our site, where they click, and where they exit the site.

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